Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

1.What do I get when I register on the Basware Marketplace Network?

  • Unlimited users accounts;
  • Ability to receive electronic Request for Quotes, Orders and send electronic Invoices, Credit notes and Quote
  • A facility to upload electronic catalogues or connect your existing eCommerce website via Punchout;
  • A facility to integrate your existing back office systems to receive Orders / send invoices;
  • A dedicated Service Desk


2. Are there any charges when using any of the solutions provided by the Basware Marketplace Network?

No, there are no charges for Suppliers to use the standard solutions we provide.


3. What should I do if I cannot find a commodity within the commodity options that fits my Company?

Please select the most relevant or closest commodity to your Company.


4. With regards, to the 2.45% charge is this only applicable to card transactions?

The prompt payment fee of up to 2.45% will be applied to your order, so for £100.00 order you receive £97.55 in 4 days rather than waiting 28, 40, 60 or 80 days for payment. The 2.45% prompt payment fee is the maximum fee that can be applied to a transaction.


5. Is payment made through the Basware Marketplace Network system?

No. Buying organisations will continue with their existing payment methods. If they are using the the Basware Marketplace Network ePayments module they will contact you to advice.


6. How will our payment conditions be affected by the introduction of the Basware Marketplace Network?

Your payment conditions remain unaffected whilst trading via the Basware Marketplace Commerce Network; they are a separate commercial relationship between you and your customer.

Getting the most out of your account

1. Who is using the Basware Marketplace Network?

There are multiple Marketplaces on the the Basware Marketplace Commerce Network .

  • Government eMarketplace – sponsored by Cabinet Office and used across Central Government.
  • xchangewales eTrading for Schools – the eProcurement solution for publicly funded schools in Wales.
  • xchangewales – the eProcurement marketplace for the Welsh Public Sector.
  • NPPH – National Police Procurement available to all 43 Police Forces in England and Wales.

Within these Marketplaces there are multiple buying organisations with thousands of users.

2. How can I increase my Customer base on the Basware Marketplace Network?

  • Update your Profile by logging in and selecting ‘Organisation Management’. Ensure all fields are up to date. This Profile is visible to all buying communities on the the Basware Marketplace Commerce Network.
  • Ensure you are registered in all available marketplaces. Log in and select ‘Community Registration’.
  • Tell your customers you are using the Basware Marketplace Network.

Working with transitions

1.We have many branches that receive and manage their own Orders from customers. How should we register?

You will need to register once and can then route Orders internally to the correct branch. Alternatively to cut out the manual routing process you could integrate with the Basware Marketplace Network.

2.What options are available for me to receive Orders?

You can receive orders in any of the following ways:

  • opt for orders via email as a PDF;
  • login to the Supplier Portal to view orders;
  • receive orders directly to your desktop by spConnect;
  • opt for back office integration and receive orders directly to your back office systems.

Understanding your integration options

1.Are there any fees to be considered when integrating with the platform?

There are no charges for the Basware Marketplace Network  standard integration methods however if you require bespoke work from us this would be chargeable. To discuss this further, please contact us via our Service Portal at

2. What formats do you support?

Our standard language is cXML but it you require another language such as BASADA, EDI, OAG, etc. we can map this however it is a chargeable service.

Providing content to your customers

1.Are catalogues visible to all buyers registered on the Basware Marketplace Network?

No, catalogues you create can be buyer specific or community specific. The Buying Organisation that requests catalogue content from you will confirm their specific requirements. Restriction of who can see your catalogue is managed by the Buyer.


2. How does the Basware Marketplace Network support service based catalogues?

This will depend on your pricing structures and configurable items. If you have set pricing structures these can be catalogued or a punchout connection set up to your existing eCommerce site.


3. What happens with the catalogue item when we are out of stock?

The catalogue item will remain visible to customers unless you log in to update the catalogue item. We do not provide an integration solution with your stock management systems.


4. Our Delivery charges are based on Customer location, how can your Catalogue system manage this?

Within the the Basware Marketplace there is no calculation for delivery charge by location.  Delivery charges are managed by the supplier via Product Manager.

If you are providing PunchOut, delivery cost will be calculated in your own environment. The shopping basket with delivery charge is them brought back to the buyers system for approval.


5. Can we load more than one catalogue for one Customer?

Yes. Multiple catalogues can be loaded for one customer. All you need to do is ensure you have a unique catalogue name and ID for each one.


1.Does using the Basware Marketplace avoid tendering?

No. The Basware Marketplace  does not replace eTendering solutions / or tendering processes. We would advise you to continue to use the methods you do today when competing for work.


2. Do I have to re-register for any further customers that are using the Basware Marketplace Network?

No. Once you complete registration you will have the ability to trade with any customer on the Basware Marketplace Commerce Network.

3. Who do I contact if I forget my username and password?

Our Service Desk can be contacted on:
0845 603 2885 (English)

or via our Service Portal at