Getting Started

You can do a lot with your Basware Commerce Network account – probably more than you realise.

The image on the right shows you all of the options that you receive with your account.

Did you know that you can receive orders from your customers from day one? To quickly get up and running with your Supplier Account have a look at some of the quick guides below.


Quick Guides

  • The Supplier Portal
    This guide will provide you with a brief overview of the Supplier Portal and how you can complete some basic tasks to get set up.
  • Receiving Orders via Email
    This guide shows you how to configure your account to receive orders by email as a PDF attachment.
  • Registering for ePayments
    This guide shows you how to register for the ePayments feature on Basware.
  • Creating New Users
    This guide will take you through how to edit your existing user profile and how to create new users for your organisation.
  • Improving Your Company Profile
    This guide will show you how to update your Company profile which is visible to buyers in their supplier directly.
  • Community Registration
    This guide will show you how you can register for different buying communities on the Commerce Network.
  • Login Help
    This guide shows you how to log in and resolve login related issues.
  • Getting started with your account 
    This video will run through updating user accounts and your Company Profile.


Increasing your visibility to all Buying Communities on the Basware commerce network is key to growing your customer base on Basware. Ensure you are available by registering in each Community.

Your Company Profile is seen by all Buying Communities across the Commerce Network, make sure you enter as much information as possible and keep it up to date. It’s the first impression a Buyer see’s of your Company on the Basware commerce network.