Getting the most
out of your account

Now you are up and running on the  Basware Commerce Network why not tell your customers about it?

We have put together some material you can share with your customers, both to encourage your customers to transact electronically and to help you market the benefits of eProcurement.

Available downloads

  • Email Templates – We are now ready and How to trade with us
    These can be used for customers to tell them you are now registered and how they can start trading with you.
  • Case Study Template
    We encourage suppliers to complete case studies which can be used in for joint marketing opportunities.


If you have good stories about your use of the Commerce Network why not tell the Buyer Communities through a case study. Case study examples can be found on our website here and are included in our customer newsletters.

We are always happy to work with Suppliers for joint marketing opportunities or events. If you want to talk to us please contact us via our Service Portal at