Product Manager for Suppliers

Product Manager is Basware’s application for managing your content and offering it direct to Buyers on the Basware Commerce Network.

Below you will find guides that will help you create content, load content and share content.



Content Loading Guides

Content Loader is available in English only and can be used to create and validate content for upload.  You can now download the latest Content Loader from within Product Manager, along with all other guides found here.

For content loading in your local language, we offer a CSV format upload called Content Loader Light, guidance here:

CSV Content Upload – English

CSV Content Upload – Finnish

CSV Content Upload – German

CSV Content Upload – Danish

CSV Content Upload – Swedish

CSV Content Upload – Norwegian

CSV Content Upload – French


UNSPSC in Product Manager Supported Languages:

2017-10-13 Supplier’s Guide – UNSPSC (English)

Please note the following downloads are provided by third parties. 

UNSPSC v06_Dutch

UNSPSC v19_English

UNSPSC v19_Danish

UNSPSC v10_French

UNSPSC v08_English

UNSPSC v18_Norwegian

UNSPSC v11_Swedish

UNSPSC v07_German


ItemCoder (Beta) 

Please note that this feature is currently only available in English.



Units of Measure in all supported languages:

UoM List