Benefits to Suppliers using the Basware Commerce Network

There are a number of benefits for suppliers using the Basware Commerce Network. Below are the five main benefits:

1. Improved Cashflow

Because the Purchase Order/Invoice reconciliation process happens automatically, once your documents are matched your payment should be released on the next payment run – meaning swifter payments for suppliers. eProcurement can mean payment in days, not weeks.

2. Lower Transaction Costs

Less postage costs, reduced stationery overhead, and less time spent on data entry and double-keying by your staff. And because your customers are ordering online, you don’t need to pay publishers and couriers to print and ship bulky catalogues. You can host your own content, on your own website.

3. eInvoicing

You know from experience that manually processing paper invoices is labour intensive and time consuming, with high administrative costs. But did you also know that paper invoices account for two thirds of the transaction costs in the P2P process and are still widely used in the European public sector?

Approximately 500 million paper invoices are manually processed each year in the UK public sector alone. These invoices end up as waste paper which itself accounts for 35% of UK landfill and higher CO2 gases.

Basware’s eProcurement solutions not only provide enhanced supplier-buyer connectivity, they reduce environmental damage by eliminating paper consumption in the P2P process. Our solutions reduce the usage of printer cartridges and other associated consumables, delivering a positive environmental impact by moving from paper to electronic based transactions. The fact that they also help your bottom line through reduced costs is an added bonus!

4. Seamless Integration

You’ve already invested in your sales and finance systems so why not take advantage of them? Basware provides several connectivity options as part of our standard services, meaning you don’t need to invest in expensive and unnecessary software.

Our branded spConnect software lets you retrieve and upload electronic documents such as purchase orders and invoices directly from your desktop. The software is downloadable, easy to install, and provides secure communication to the Supplier Portal – with no programming skills required. We also offer you the option of integrating directly with your sales and finance systems, allowing real-time order fulfilment. And our bespoke Value Added Services give you complete control of the integration process.

5. More Customers 

Being able to transact electronically with your customers can put you ahead of your competition and increase the value of your customer relationships. Timely, accurate and easily accessible purchasing is what your customers want. It’s what we help you deliver.

From eDocument management to eContent solutions we can help you reach out to more customers more effectively.Because our solutions are internet based any supplier of any size can take advantage of them. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. And because our systems are robust and adaptable we can integrate with the largest of organisations.