UNSPSC, United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes, are a list of category codes that classify products and services.

We use the UNSPSC to classify line items on the Procserve Commerce Network so that buying organisations have a like-for-like comparison of their purchases.

It works on a hierarchical basis which is defined by 8 digits. The numerical sequence gives the product / service a place within the structure and a unique identifier. The structure is based on the following:

  • Segment – the logical aggregation of families for analytical purposes
  • Family – A commonly recognized group of inter-related commodity categories
  • Class – A group of commodities sharing common characteristics
  • Commodity – A group of substitutable products or services

In plain English each set of digits defines the category in further detail until the forth level, the commodity level, at which point the 8 digit code defines the product/service.  For example:


Having a set of common category codes allows our customers to easily find Suppliers and products / services with the ability to drill down into the specific codes and easily analyze expenditure by grouping via UNSPSC.

We use Version 8.1201 for the Procserve Commerce Network, but please be aware that the latest version of UNSPSC available is 12.0901. Suppliers may find that they use the latest version.  If you do, please make sure that whilst completing your catalogue the version you adhere to is 8.1201. UNSPSC version updates do not affect the structure of the coding system so you should only find differences if you have a code that has been removed or if there is a new code added.

UNSPSC is available to the public with no copyright protection and is a global standard. For further details on UNSPSC please visit their website.

You can download a list of UNSPSC version 8.1201 here.